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We like to think we are a fun group with whom to do a postdoc. Our interests include observations of icy bodies in the outer solar system (satellites, Jupiter Trojans, Centaurs, Kuiper belt objects), dynamical evolution of these bodies to understand the early solar system, modeling of the chemistry and dynamics to understand their history and evolution and the history of our own protoplanetary disk, and laboratory studies of the the chemistry of icy bodies in the outer solar with a particular emphasis on comparing to observations. Are you interested in these things? There are many paths to doing your postdoc in our group.

51 Peg B Fellowship: Seriously. You want this fellowship. It is the best thing out there. Many people think it is only for people who study exo-planets. Those people are wrong. The program has selected solar system scientists before and would like to have more applications in that area.NASA Sagan Fellowship: Again, the wording makes it sounds very exo-planety. But they are always looking for Solar System people. With this fellowship you get to be an independent scientist embedded within a highly productive group. There is nothing better (except for the 51 Peg above...)Caltech Fellowships: These are fantastic. Some donor has given money to allow you to pursue your scientific passion and you will be forever grateful. The fellowships offered vary slightly from year to year because of the details of where the funding comes from, but you can find them all here.

Sometimes we corral enough funding to hire postdocs outside of these programs. If that is happening, it will be posted here.

There are so many things to do in our group as a postdoc. Interested in working in the lab? Looking at some of the large amount of JWST data that we have? Applying for time at the Keck or Palomar Observatories? Being in a department with world class planetary scientists in all areas? It's hard to be in better place. Come join us.

There are many different opportunities and, sadly, they each have slightly different application processes and requirements. While this is irritating, it beats the alternative that there are no opportunities, so we hope you will consider applying.