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Week 2

Additional Readings

Lecture 1.11: Craters and surface ages

  • The link to the Hartmann paper is here (you'll go to a request form, and must put in document ID: 19730023955 and the name of the document "Martian cratering 4: Mariner 9 initial analysis of cratering chronology" and they'll send you the pdf in under 24 hours. Painful but effective.
  • A much more modern update of the Hartmann paper is here, which also requires a subscription, but a Google Scholar search might help you out here.
  • Wikipedia on the Late Heavy Bombardment is good.

Lecture 1.12: Outflow channels

  • A list of outflow channels can be found on Wikipedia
  • The USGS has great information on the channeled scablands and this site has great pictures and much detail
  • Significantly more mathematical detail on channel flow
  • A few papers calculating the outflow in Kasei Valles can be found here (subscription) here (non subscription, but sometimes link doesn't work; keep trying), and -- a more recent calculation -- here (subscription, but findable via Google Scholar)

Lecture 1.13: Valley networks

Lecture 1.14: Climate cycles on Mars

Lecture 1.15: Was early Mars warmer and wetter?

Lecture 1.16: Atmospheric escape

lecture 1.17: Martian topography

  • The MOLA homepage is a wealth of information
  • The Head et al. paper give a lot of detail on the northern plains as a potential ocean bottom
  • The Di Achille and Hynek paper requires a subscription, but scrolling down through the Google Scholar links finds a pdf of a substantially similar paper

Lecture 1.18: Gamma ray spectroscopy and subsurface water

  • Wikipedia, on gamma ray spectroscopy
  • The Mars Odyssey Gamma Ray Spectrometer home page
  • The Boyton et al. paper appears to be unavailable without a subscription even though the research was ~100% publicly funded (nope; Google Scholar now finds it). Is that right? You might have guessed my opinion by now. A graphical representation of the main results can be found here, though.
  • The press release on fresh impact craters and ice

Lecture 1.19: Glaciers on Mars!

Lecture 1.20: Origin of low latitude ice

  • The Mischna et al. paper is unavailable without a subscription, and you probably don't need to read it unless you really really want the details. But Google Scholar knows where to find it.
  • You can find the Forget et al from the Google Scholar search for the previous lecture.