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Week 7, Small bodies

Additional Reading

Lecture 3.11: Asteroids and meteorite delivery

Lecture 3.12: The compositons of asteroids

  • The data shown in the lecture came from this paper
  • The plots (and discussion) of asteroid distributions are here

Lecture 3.13: Impact hazards

  • NASA's Near Earth Object program, centered at JPL, does an excellent job of tracking NEO, carefully computing orbits, and assessing their risks. This is all extremely good stuff and is an example of the right sort of approach to the hazard: collect data; determine level of risk; and (when you see that it is small) chill.

Lecture 3.14: The Kuiper belt

  • Alessandro Morbidelli wrote a nice review paper a few years back that is still very relevant today

Lecture 3.15: Properties of dwarf planets

Lecture 3.16: Why Pluto had to die

Lecture 3.17: Dynamical instabilities

Lecture 3.18: The Grand Tack

Lecture 3.19: Sedna