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Week 3

Additional Reading

Lecture 1.21: Evolution of the interior

Lecture 1.22: Thermal spectroscopy and mineral identification

Lecture 1.23: Geology from Opportunity Rover

  • Opportunity is still alive today and continuing to explore Meridiani Planum. You can follow along.
  • The Grotzinger et al. paper provides vivid detail. The official version is here but a non-subscription version is available from a Google Scholar search.

Lecture 1.24: Geochemistry from Opportunity Rover

  • The Grotzinger et al. paper above is still relevent
  • A good discussion of Mossbauer spectroscopy can be found here
  • The paper from Klingelhofer et al describing the first Mossbauer results on Mars is here (or try Google Scholar)

Lecture 1.25: Introduction of Guest Lecturers

Lectures 1.26 & 1.27: Mineralogy of Mars

  • Much of the discussion from Prof. Ehlmann's lecture comes from her comprehensive review article. Currently this requires a subscription. We're seeing if we can get a non-subscription version to be made available.

Lecture 1.28 & 1.29: Results from the Curiosity Rover

Lecture 1.30: Where is the water on Mars

  • Strangely, Water on Mars has its own Wikipedia page, which is a bit disorganized, but otherwise OK.
  • Michael Carr has an excellent 2012 review on the fluvial history of Mars. A non-subscription version is available through ResearchGate. It will ask you to join, but you don't need to. Just press "view" (thanks to Charles King for tracking this down!)