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Week 6, Big questions from small bodies

Additional Readings

  • Lectures 3.02 & 3.03. A review which covers many of the topics of this Unit can be found in Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences, or, free, here.
  • Lecture 3.04: If you want to learn about formation of the moon, you really should just go read the classic from 1986 called "Origin of the Moon"
  • You should read the classic 1977 paper on the distribution of mass in the solar nebula
  • Lecture 3.06: The composition of comets is covered in a nice review by Mumma, You might find a version on Google Scholar, too.
  • Lecture 3.07: The formation of the Oort cloud is fun. Read all about it in the review by Dones et al
  • Lecture 3.08: The Connelly et al. paper on the chronometry of CAIs and chondrules is published in Science here. I can't find a non-paywalled version of it anywhere. Can you?
  • Lectures 3.09 & 3.10: You can read about meteorites in innumerable places around the web. You can buy them, too. Do some sleuthing around and see what you can find.